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Sowmya Rajendran, in her review for The News Minute, panned its "utterly colourless" female characters and validation of abusive behaviour, writing: "The film treats women as property, to be under the protection and control of men ... [it] will have us believe that women have no opinions about anything that happens to them or around them. Raj Thota was director of photography and Shashank Mali edited the film. "[6], The principal photography was completed in 86 working days,[3] and was made on a budget of ₹40–51.5 million. While leaving for a vacation, Arjun sees a pregnant Preethi sitting in a park. Arjun Reddy, a Telugu blockbuster released in 2017 is a cult movie of an off-beat genre, well-received by both mass and the class audience. Arjun Reddy Telugu Movie ft. Vijay Devarakonda and Shalini Pandey. Sandeep Reddy Vanga's 2017 Telugu hit Arjun Reddy is a film that keeps on giving. This remake of Arjun Reddy is called Kabir Singh. [15] Vanga conducted an eight-day acting workshop with Deverakonda and Pandey. [b][23][24] Vanga worked on the film's sound design and worked with Sachin Hariharan of Sync Cinema. Here the lead role of Kabir, then Arjun in The south Indian original is played by none other than Shahid Kapoor. Arjun's aggressive nature also earns him a reputation among his juniors as a college bully. Arjun graduates with an MBBS degree and leaves for Mussoorie to pursue a Master's degree in Orthopedic surgery. "[75], Hemanth Kumar, in his review for Firstpost, gave 3.75 stars out of five and praised the storytelling in particular, saying: "There are no gimmicks, no surprises, no twists. [14] Vanga wanted her to dub for her role, to which she agreed because it would help her own the character completely. [72] Neeshita Nyayapati gave the film four stars out of five and commented: "With Arjun Reddy, Sandeep Vanga has managed to tell a story that is seldom told, without sleaze or cheesy lines or [over the top] drama". Other filming locations include Mangalore, Dehradun and New Delhi, filming also took place in Italy. Arjun Reddy was remade in Hindi by Vanga himself as Kabir Singh, which was released on 21 June 2019. It stars Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey in the lead roles, and Rahul Ramakrishna, Jia Sharma, Sanjay Swaroop, Gopinath Bhat, Kamal Kamaraju and Kanchana in supporting roles. He found them objectionable and said they adversely affected the minds of young people. Indian cricket needs to build on it, Kamala Harris' historic inauguration attire designed by two Black designers, New to Telegram? Why remaking Arjun Reddy in Hindi is a bad idea; Why remaking Arjun Reddy in Hindi is a bad idea Arjun Reddy, the 2017 Telugu hit, is being adapted for the Hindi-speaking viewers. Directed by Bala, Varmaa was the very first Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy.However, the movie was remade with a new cast in 2019. [45][46] Vanga complained that the board took his creative struggle for granted. He said he "didn't have the heart" to end the narrative on a sad note, considering the darkness Arjun was subjected to. Bala’s remake of Arjun Reddy feels dead on arrival. Convinced that she is unhappy with her marriage, Arjun meets her after returning from his vacation. [77] Giving three stars out of five, K. Naresh Kumar of The Hans India was critical of the film's pace and a few subplots in the second half. The pair marries, and Preethi's father apologises for misunderstanding their love for each other. It is a Hindi remake of the 2017 film Arjun Reddy. [8], Arjun and Preethi had an age difference of four years, which Vanga wanted to showcase effectively. I remember the clamour following the release of Arjun Reddy’s faithful Tamil remake, Adithya Varmaa, last year, when a section of people asked to see Bala’s version of the remake.I won’t lie to you—I too was among those who fantasised about the cinematic joys the Bala version of … He persuades one of his patients, Jia Sharma, a leading film star, to have a no-strings relationship with him, which he ends when she falls in love with him. By. He found the performances, especially those of Deverakonda and Kanchana, "pitch perfect". I didn't want that. The film was also remade in Tamil by Gireesaaya as Adithya Varma, which was released on 21 November that year. The Hindi adaptation will be helmed by Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Vanga, who is making his Hindi directorial debut with the film. Here's why Shahid Kapoor starrer 'Arjun Reddy' remake is already a "high-budget" affair Post the success of ‘Padmaavat’, Shahid Kapoor has been getting quite a handful of projects. E4 Entertainment, which produced the Tamil version, also holds the rights to make a Malayalam version. 7th South Indian International Movie Awards, "Arjun Reddy box office collection week 2: Vijay Devarakonda starrer collects Rs 41.5 crore worldwide", "Telugu film 'Arjun Reddy' reaches the Rs 50 crore club", "Interview with Sandeep Reddy Vanga about Arjun Reddy", "This Telugu film will have dialogues in Tulu", "Vijay Devarakonda was not the first choice for 'Arjun Reddy', Sharwanand was", "When Mahanubhavudu talks about obsessions", "Director Sandeep Vanga to watch out for! Arjun demands Preethi decide within six hours otherwise he will end their relationship. Not just him, Shalini, the friends, everyone were so good and natural. She said the romance is "rooted in deep emotions" and gave the film 3.5 stars out of five. On a day off, Arjun unwillingly agrees to perform a life-saving surgery and collapses from dehydration. And coming back to Kabir Singh, it is a proper frame to frame remake of the original. [16] The protagonists' college life portions were filmed at the three heritage buildings of the University college of Hampankatta, Mangalore. [25] For a few scenes, Thota used a hand-held camera weighing 25 kilograms (55 lb), which adversely affected his hands. Her comments against Arjun Reddy were met with widespread appreciation and many noted that she was brave enough to address the issue in front of Deverakonda. [12] In an interview with Indo-Asian News Service, Devarakonda called the portrayal of Arjun Reddy exhausting, noting that, "I had to be constantly probing into the darkest areas of my consciousness, digging out feelings and tapping into emotions I had never touched in myself". I remember the clamour following the release of Arjun Reddy’s faithful Tamil remake, Adithya Varmaa, last year, when a section of people asked to see Bala’s version of the remake.I won’t lie to you—I too was among those who fantasised about the cinematic joys the Bala version of this film would hold. [19] The crew wanted to film the intermission scene, in which Arjun urinates in his pants, authentically but a delay in the shoot led to the insertion of a medical hosepipe in Deverakonda's trousers.[30]. Made on a budget of ₹50–51.5 million; the film was released worldwide on 25 August 2017. [92] The film was first remade in Tamil by Bala as Varmaa; however in early 2019 the production company E4 Entertainment shelved the film's release due to creative differences with Bala,[93] and relaunched the film as Adithya Varma with Gireesaaya directing, which was released on 21 November 2019. [41] Neeshita Nyayapati writing for The Times of India said the songs "deserve a special mention" and that Radhan did a "brilliant job". [5], After discontinuing his studies as a physiotherapist, Sandeep Vanga worked in the 2010 Telugu film Kedi as an assistant director. He added that the heavy metal undertone matched up to the "extremities and mood swings of its lead character". [3] He made use of words that were rarely spoken in colloquial Telugu like yaralu (sister-in-law) to make Arjun look "real and rooted". For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App. [56] In Vijayawada, women's organisations held a protest against the film, complaining of its "objectionable" content that could have a negative impact on young people. Arjun Reddy grossed ₹190 million globally, with a distributor share of ₹104.2 million in its first weekend. Here are five advanced features every user should know, GABBA WIN: Pujara's defiant stoicism sets up young India's rampant charge, ViewSonic XG2405 review: Good premium gaming monitor, Delhi HC: Must follow due process before declaring someone proclaimed offender, Restaurants must display jhatka and halal distinction, South MCD rules, In heated West Bengal battle, a new boiling point: shrine head will announce political front today, SC rules out review of Aadhaar order, with one dissent: on money Bill, Two snipped scenes in Tandav mark govt’s entry into OTT space, Banks red-flag: Loans to street vendors in pandemic turning NPAs, As DC turns page on Trump, Delhi works on reopening chapter, Future Group-Reliance Retail deal gets SEBI nod, Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, Statutory provisions on reporting (sexual offenses), This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct. [17] He called Shiva's friendship with Arjun "loyal and unconditional", which gives them the liberty to deride each other at times. The original film received a great response from the audience. Kabir Singh Movie Review, Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Review Ratings - Once again, as someone who has seen the original, Kabir Singh can’t be viewed in isolation, and the comparative tone arises by default. [9] Sanjay Swaroop, Kamal Kamaraju, Jia Sharma and Priyadarshi Pulikonda were cast in other important roles. [23] The classroom fight scene featuring Deverakonda, Pandey and Sharma was filmed in a single take; Sharma wanted Deverakonda to actually hit him to make the scene look natural. The film tells the story of Arjun Reddy Deshmukh (Deverakonda), a high-functioning alcoholic surgeon who has anger management problems. [22] He was replaced by Raj Thota later, who worked for 85% of the film. [57], Arjun Reddy's digital rights were acquired by Amazon Prime, which made it available online on the 50th day of theatrical release. Arjun gives up his self-destructive habits soon after. With a … [61] At the United States box office, the film debuted with earnings of US$194,051 from its premieres and of US$709,347 in two days. Prior to ‘Adithya Varma’, Banitha Sandhu was the heroine of critically acclaimed Bollywood movie ‘October’. [87], Arjun Reddy was remade in Hindi by Vanga himself as Kabir Singh, which was released on 21 June 2019. [85], In 2019, actress Parvathy criticised Arjun Reddy at a roundtable organised by Film Companion for glorifying misogyny, abuse and toxic masculinity in the films at International Film Festival of India (IFFI). [28] Other filming locations included Dehradun and Delhi in India and parts of Italy. Preethi reveals that she left her husband days after their marriage and continued to work in a clinic. In a shocking turn of events, E4 Entertainment has announced that they were unhappy with the final version of the film and that the film will be re-shot completely with Dhruv Vikram playing the lead role. Rumors and Facts About Arjun Reddy Remake in Kannada Has Raised the Bar of Expectations. It is a powerful name. [55] A week after the film's release, D. Nagaraju from Khammam accused the film's makers of plagiarising his script and demanded compensation of ₹20 million. Since he was unaware of the way of speaking in both the places, he wrote the dialogue in a Hyderabad Telangana accent. The intensity is maintained similarly. With Shiva's help, Arjun rents a flat and joins a private hospital as a surgeon. I Should Have Remade The Tamil Version Of Arjun Reddy With Vijay Deverakonda: Producer Mukesh Mehta With talks of Varma, director Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy, getting a release soon, producer Mukesh Mehta speaks about why he would release a film he scrapped, his reaction if people end up liking it and the economic advantages of nepotism. Very well writren dialogues. I realised that when content is clear, locations doesn't matter most of the times. Full credit to the Director Sandeep Vanga, who handled his cast and crew like a pro.”, Also read | Why remaking Arjun Reddy in Hindi is a bad idea. [1] The initial edit was 220 minutes long; this was reduced to 186 minutes. Remake of the 2017 Tollywood superhit movie Arjun Reddy, Varmaa, has been leaked by the online piracy platform, Tamilrockers on the day of its OTT release on Simply South. [27] Kanchana joined the film's sets on 30 November 2016. Though love stories are not my cup of tea, can’t but appreciate the film. The film was declared commercially successful as it earned a profit of 73.66% for its distributors. [73] Suresh Kavirayani of Deccan Chronicle also gave the film four stars out of five and commended the performances and the filmmaking but was apprehensive of the second half's pace. [31] Ananta Sriram, Rambabu Gosala and Shreshta wrote the lyrics of two songs each while Mandela Pedaswamy was the lyricist of "Mari Mari". [43] In December 2017, Nadadhur commented; "For a film so brutally raw and honest, Arjun Reddy got its aura from its music as much as the swag of Vijay Deverakonda". Arjun's father throws him out of the family home for ruining his reputation. [94] Despite initially being shelved, Varmaa was released on 6 October 2020. While the locations are yet to be finalised, the plan is to shoot in India as well as abroad.” In the original film, Shalini Pandey played the female lead opposite Vijay. [7] According to Deverakonda, Vanga wanted to set the film in a coastal city and chose Mangalore—mirroring his student life in Dharwad—and stayed there for ten days to finalise the locations. The star fulfilled all the expectations through his role to imitate Arjun Reddy. To cope with his emotions, he starts taking drugs, attempts one-night stands, buys a pet dog and names it after Preethi and drinks alcohol; all of which are unsuccessful. [1][6] He worked on the script of Arjun Reddy for two years and for four to five years approached producers who were not willing to finance the project until Vanga's brother Pranay Reddy agreed to do so. [78] Murali Krishna CH, in his review for the Cinema Express, praised the unpredictability of the first half but was apprehensive of some emotional scenes in the second half; he found them a "serious flaw" after the intermission. ", "Arjun Reddy being compared to Baahubali 2", "Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection: Vijay Devarakonda's film makes a strong show at international market", "Arjun Reddy's teaser is intense! And in doing so, we are forced to absorb the film at a more personal and subconscious level. Love stories are generally plot-driven, here it is driven by the character Arjun Reddy. The hospital chief files a case against Arjun, who accepts the truth on the grounds of violating his professional ethics during an in-house court hearing, despite Shiva making arrangements to bail him out. But, it scared me when we got worst of locations for some of the scenes. [60], Arjun Reddy opened to a 100% occupancy in some areas of India, including districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. But it didn't matter because our attention would be on characters. [4], Arjun Reddy received positive reviews from critics. Preethi is then forcibly married to someone from her caste. Arjun's medical license is cancelled for five years and he is evicted from the flat. [62] By the end of its first weekend, it grossed US$954,677 in the US,[63] and A$111,521 in Australia. Varmaa, the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy which marks the debut of actor Vikram’s son Dhruv, has been rechristened as Adhithya Varma, its makers revealed on Tuesday via an official poster. [8] Some of the dialogue was written in Tulu. The original version of Adithya Varma, Varmaa, was released on 6 October 2020. "[84] Writing for Mashable, Pramit Chatterjee summed up the film as "the flag-bearer of 21st-century toxic masculinity". Months later, Arjun visits Preethi's house, where her father sees them kissing and throws Arjun out. Also read | Shahid Kapoor: Spontaneously decided to share pregnancy news on Instagram. Arjun learns about the marriage from Shiva and goes to her house. [6][7], Arjun Reddy was partially inspired from Vanga's life as a physiotherapy student: "It is not my story but there are a lot of references from my life [...] Some of my medical college friends saw the film and said that Arjun reminds them of me. The star played his roles very well alongside the lovely Kiara Advani. [39] The film's soundtrack was marketed by Aditya Music and was released at an audio-release promotional event in Hyderabad on 11 August 2017. Clash work is a practice of hiring a junior cinematographer when a film's director of photography handles other commitments simultaneously and is unavailable for the principal photography. Radhan and Harshvardhan Rameshwar composed the soundtrack and score, respectively. [52] It led the film's promoters to remove such posters across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. [29] In an interview with Idlebrain.com, Vanga said, "When you write a script, you think about a particular location. Explained: What are the takeaways for Indian cricket from Gabba Test? [69] Writing for Film Companion, Baradwaj Rangan said that while the pre-interval sequences were generic, the "prickly" latter portions justified both the film's title and the running time. He also asked K. Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, to stop the film's screening across the state. But still a terrible remake of Arjun Reddy Though Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark, the film fails be a good remake of Arjun Reddy. [67] By then, it had grossed a worldwide total of ₹450 million and a distributor share of ₹250 million. Pandey was firm in her decision, which strained her relationship with her father. Arjun and his friend Shiva enter a third-year classroom and announce that Arjun is in love with Preethi and asserts that she is exclusive to him. Ramakrishna's career as a journalist helped him understand several dialects, which in turn had a positive effect on his performance. I remember the clamour following the release of Arjun Reddy’s faithful Tamil remake, Adithya Varmaa, last year, when a section of people asked to see Bala’s version of the remake. Shrinag-September 17, 2018. The film is also being remade in Tamil with Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv as the lead. The film was a box office success, grossing ₹510 million globally, with a distributor share of ₹260 million. The film had its global television premiere on 21 January 2018, with a TRP rating of 13.6. [86] Later, Deverakonda criticised social media trollers during an interview for blowing the issue out of proportion while simultaneously emphasising on how much he respected Parvathy and her work. [71] Sangeetha Devi Dundoo said the film is "too raw and real to be absolutely fictional" and commented: "Hours after watching Arjun Reddy, it’s hard to shake off its effect. The original featured Vijay Deverakonda, who gave a brilliant performance as the depressed and madly-in-love Reddy. [31] Shreshta wrote the lyrics for "Madhurame" and "Gundelona"; she composed the latter's tune, which lacked instrumental support. The teaser of Adithya Varma, Tamil remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, is finally here. He just lived it. - Times of India", "Arjun Reddy's trailer to be released on Saturday evening – Times of India", "Hanumanth Rao tears down 'Arjun Reddy' poster while Vijay Deverakonda asks him to chill", "Arjun Reddy kissing poster removed: Makers offer apology for using controversial photo", "Vivegam, Arjun Reddy rule Friday box office collections; A Gentleman has Rs 4 crore opening", "Ban 'Arjun Reddy' for promoting drugs, says Congress leader who tore posters of the film", "Women's groups protest against 'Arjun Reddy' in Vijayawada, demand ban on film's screening", "Arjun Reddy registers superb TRPs: Vijay's movie shatters the record of Mahesh Babu's Spyder", "Maa TV makes Arjun Reddy appear like a saint", "Arjun Reddy box office collection day 1: Vijay's film creates history in US, starts with a bang in India", "Arjun Reddy vs Vivegam US box office collection: Vijay's film beats Ajith's movie with a big margin", "Arjun Reddy US box office collection: Vijay's film beats Vivegam, A Gentleman in first weekend", "Arjun Reddy 1st weekend box office collection: Vijay's film attains blockbuster status in just 3 days", "Arjun Reddy day 5 box office collection: Vijay scores his 2nd $1 million grosser in US after Pelli Choopulu", "Arjun Reddy 7-day box office collection: Vijay's movie crosses Rs 30 crore mark in first week", "Arjun Reddy US box office collection: Vijay's film beats Gautamiputra Satakarni to be 4th highest Telugu grosser", "Box office collection: Arjun Reddy emerges big winner; Paisa Vasool, Yuddham Sharanam, MMA flop", "Arjun Reddy: Women organisations protest against Vijay Deverakonda-starrer; demand ban", "Arjun Reddy movie review: Intense, raw and unbelievably honest. The Tamil remake starred Dhruv Vikram, son of Chiyaan Vikram. "[83] Speaking to The Asian Age, Neelima Menon opined that "it's problematic when you add celebratory background score to an act of verbally abusing a woman with sexually coloured remarks, or beating her up, or decide to make these acts sound heroic. "[76] Latha Srinivasan, in her review for NewsX, wrote that the protagonist is "unconventional, free-spirited and tries to break the shackles of traditional societal norms". By the time she manages to visit Arjun's house, he is drunk, injects morphine into himself, and becomes unconscious for two days. For the same, whenever the idea for a plot twist came to him, Vanga used to work on it for three to four weeks. Varma, the Tamil remake of the Tollywood hit Arjun Reddy, was all set to be made by National Award-winning Bala, and was to launch Vikram’s … Varmaa, as we know, is the official Tamil remake of Telugu blockbuster flick Arjun Reddy that starred Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey. [9] With a dark mood prevailing for 100 minutes, Vanga wanted a happy ending for the film, with two or three options for the climax. [65], By the end of its first week, the film grossed ₹343 million and a distributor share of ₹185 million, providing a return of nearly 200% to its distributors. Him playing an short tempered character did justice to his role and impressed the audience very well. [6] Deverakonda recommended him; he did the clash work for Pelli Choopulu whose cinematography was handled by Banell. [38] The Times of India, also listed the song along with "Madhurame" in the Hot List of romantic numbers that rocked 2017" in March 2018. The ‘hero’, if you’d like to call him that, played here by Shahid Kapoor, is an obnoxious, entitled bully with anger issues. [40], The film's music received a positive response from critics. The film was remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh (2019) and twice in Tamil: as Adithya Varma (2019) and Varmaa (2020). The contemporary Devdas-esque film grossed Rs 50 crore in India and struck a chord with Telugu cinema-goers with its raw appeal. The project will see actor Vikram's son Dhruv Vikram making his debut. "[41], Indo-Asian News Service gave the film five stars out of five, called it the "most original, experimental and daring work to come out Telugu cinema in a long time", and said the protagonist's "rise, fall and rise ... is nothing short of poetic and heart wrenching". [47] Post-release, Hanumantha Rao lodged a complaint against the film, stating that it promoted sexual abuse in colleges and substance abuse in hospitals. After watching Arjun Reddy, Rajamouli tweeted, “Just saw Arjun Reddy. [58] Star Maa purchased the satellite rights for ₹35 million. [32][33] Harshavardhan Rameshwar composed the background score of the film, in which the theme music of this film was reused in the remakes Kabir Singh and Adithya Varma. She eventually reciprocates his feelings and they develop an intimate relationship. [20] Tulu actor Gopinath Bhat was cast as Preethi's father. [10] Sharwanand was at first apprehensive of Vanga handling the responsibilities of directing and producing the project but after reading the script, he changed his mind. The contemporary Devdas-esque film grossed Rs 50 crore in India and struck a chord with Telugu cinema-goers with its raw appeal. She was chosen as the heroine of the Arjun Reddy Tamil remake after the makers have scrapped the first version of the remake. Top notch performance by Vijay Devarakonda. Directed and written by Sandeep Vanga, Arjun Reddy won critical acclaim and was a commercial hit. [19] Bhushan Kalyan played the role of the college's dean. The songs composed by Radhan, (for the exception of "Yaen Ennai Pirindhaal") was reused in the latter. Weeks ahead of its release, Arjun Reddy 's Tamil remake Varmaa starring Dhruv - son of actor Vikram - has hit quite a big roadblock. [35][36][37] Srivathsan Nadadhur, writing for The Hindu, said "The Breakup song", along with "Break-Up" from Rarandoi Veduka Chudham (2017) and "Badulu Cheppave" from Ninnu Kori (2017) is an instance in which Telugu cinema "continued in Kolaveri mode too intermittently" in the first half of 2017. Arjun Reddy Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer on Bhadrakali Pictures. He sent the script to many producers, who considered the project too risky to fund. [53], Arjun Reddy was released worldwide on 25 August 2017, notably clashing with Indian films Vivegam and A Gentleman. Taking this in consideration we will be talking about the original Telugu film Arjun Reddy and it’s Hindi remake Kabir Singh. "[81] Vishnupriya Bhandaram of Firstpost found the film's depiction of misbehavior as an alpha male attribute to be "deeply problematic",[82] while Sify's Ashley Tellis classified it as "part of the culture of misogyny that has always existed in Telugu (and Tamil and all Indian film cultures). [42] Srivatsan of India Today also gave the film four stars out of five and wrote: "Lo and behold, Arjun Reddy—the film and Vijay Deverakonda, is something that the Telugu industry deserved in the first place", and praised the "brutal and honest" filmmaking. It received positive reviews for its direction, writing, cinematography and the cast performances—especially that of Deverakonda, but drew criticism for allegedly promoting substance abuse among young people and for its romantic scenes. In June 2019, producer S. Narayan bought the Kannada remake rights of the film. Over the course of three years, Arjun's and Preethi's relationship becomes stronger. [95] In June 2019, producer S. Narayan bought the Kannada remake rights of the film. Sangeetha Devi Dundoo of The Hindu wrote that Radhan's music, which varies from "classical strains to more trippy beats", was one of the factors, along with the cinematography, that brought Arjun Reddy to life. [26], Principal photography commenced in Hyderabad on 20 June 2016. After a brawl alongside his friend Kamal against members of the opposing team during an inter-college football match the dean asks Arjun to either apologise or leave the college. Despite being a brilliant student, he has severe anger management problems that earn the wrath of the college dean. Filmmaker, Karan Johar met Vijay and made the announcement on his social media accounts. According to Deverakonda, if filmed in conventional style, Vanga would have finished the film in 200 working days. The Indian Express is now on Telegram. "Had the pleasure to be the first to see #dearcomrade ! Principal photography commenced on 20 June 2016 at Hyderabad and took 86 working days to complete. A source was quoted as saying, “The film is scheduled to go on the floors in July and the team is looking for an actress opposite Shahid at the moment. [16], Rahul Ramakrishna, who worked as a lyricist for Pelli Choopulu, was cast as Arjun's friend Shiva. [25] Shashank Mali edited the film. Copyright © 2021 The Indian Express [P] Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Arjun Reddy's Hindi remake: Shahid Kapoor to step into Vijay Deverakonda shoes, A billion get booster dose from Brisbane: World wakes up to watch Indian cricket’s big rising, The big lesson for us is never ever underestimate India: Justin Langer, India rise to top of World Test Championship standings after series win over Australia, Ind vs Aus: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and others celebrate India’s victory, Team India's historic win at Gabba: Records at a glance. Kabir Singh is a blockbuster. Following this incident, Preethi's parents seize her phone, preventing her from contacting Arjun. Arjun Reddy was partially inspired by Sandeep Vanga's life as a physiotherapy student. Arjun Reddy is a 2017 Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga, and produced by his brother Pranay Reddy Vanga's company Bhadrakali Pictures. Arjun Reddy is a passionate tale of romance of two doctors who fall in love at the medical institute but due to the girl's family's disapproval, separate. [6], In a September 2017 interview with Sangeetha Devi Dundoo of The Hindu, Vanga said he believed that Telugu cinema uses dialects spoken in Guntur and Vijayawada. New Delhi: Telugu film 'Dear Comrade' starring 'Arjun Reddy' actor Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna has not hit the theatres yet, but is already on its way for a remake in Hindi. [74] The Times of India, also gave four stars stating "Arjun Reddy is the dawn of a new era of films for the Telugu film industry. [59] The film was substantially edited for in its television premiere, drawing criticism from its audience. [6][11] After Sharwanand left the project, Vanga signed Vijay Deverakonda to play Arjun Reddy. [49] The teaser of the film was released on 27 February 2017,[50] and the trailer was released on 29 July 2017.

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