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eureka seven ao ending explained

Renton’s sister relayed an incident in history where the scubs over-ran the planet and devoid of company changed their M.O. I won’t deny that the answers AO found were more pessimistic than hopeful in many ways, but they were answers – and ones that were philosophically and logistically in-line with the mythology. Ao fights against Truth to protect his mother, but he and Eureka escape to reach a pillar of light that can return Eureka to her world, with Truth in hot pursuit for them. This is were the strands laid down in eps 1 – 11 would start to come together!” Boy was I wrong. Bones did an amazing job trolling everybody. Eureka has appeared too, in astral form, and it’s interesting to note that Renton was quite surprised to see her in that form – “You had no other choice?” is his question, and the implications are obviously crucial. AO’s ending just feels unsatisfying and hacked together, and that Bones had started too many plot threads throughout the series that they then realized they didn’t have another 26 episodes to truly develop and conclude. I’m a fan of the original E7, and I’m also one of those disappointed about this sequel, but hell, if BONES gave this a happy ending, I would forget all my disappointments and love this, but no. This will not go the way you may think, so be prepared for surprises. E7:AO had none of that, and a lot of it had to do with the poor characters. [Before Ao fired the Quartz Gun the third time, I am a bit confused to when Eureka saved Elena.....]. Episode 51 has absolutely no relation to Eureka Seven's sequel, Eureka Seven: AO, as this was an ending that was not used for the original TV run of the series, and Eureka Seven: AO continues from the events that happened in episode 50. But while I do agree that most of the points you specified greatly contribute to a show’s success and enjoyability, I don’t think they’re necessarily essential. I have all but become accustomed to it, as I still carry a flame for shows like Gundam Seed even though the general consensus is that it was a heavily flawed series. Seems like a lot of people are confused by the time/space dilemma in Eureka Seven Ao. Kinda sad that this is the thing I am most happy about from the finale though. I do have to congratulate the series for relating back to its first theme–that the errors of the last generation create only problems for the new one. To claim that a sequel shouldn’t continue the motifs that it’s predecessor established is wrong. I imagine this is what people who don’t like anime feel. That already happened, did you not watch this episode at all? That was the crux of the situation, and the effect of the selfish decision Eureka and Renton made, though admittedly for the right reasons – Ao shouldn’t have existed at all, and something had to be sacrificed to restore the balance. It’s like that: both played as sequels, but really taste like spin-offs instead. Ao changed the world with Coral Cannon Character development and relationships are great to watch, but I think AO was intended more to be a “coming of age” series. theres one flaw that doesnt fit though...in the original E7 ending it was stated that renton was no longer human and had become corralian so he could be with eureka which is why renton also had wibgs in the ending, so why was this fact erased & renton made human by the creators for E7: AO. But I understand though, it’s certainly heart wrenching to watch and difficult to process. As a self-proclaimed biggest E7 fan, I can tell anyone who cares to listen that the original series was built up to be a tragedy. E7:AO Boned again. Wormholes start popping up all over town, threatening to rip Eureka apart unless Carter can stop them for good. It’s a show I know I’ll be going back to: excitedly at first, grudgingly as I trudge on through 24 episodes. Thanks for making it clear! But one of the universe/space they travelled to (namely the distant future of Ao's planet) activated its defense mechanism – the secrets – in order to destroy the scubs. Bones completely left me hanging with the last episode of AO. Before the scub burst could happen, Eureka attempted to take the quartz somewhere else, however she merely expressed the wish of traveling to a. Renton told Ao that he was going back to the future to destroy the first scub that appeared in this universe. By its very nature this is mostly a setup episode, but often the next to last ep of a series – especially a multi-cour one – is actually better than the finale. I took enough arrows to the knee from GC and EVOL already. It was really from that – and from the activities of GekkoState and the notion that it was possible for human and scub to co-exist – that the conflict that drove AO sprung. I have no illusions that this finale is going to escape the negativity that’s been a constant in the fan community, but that was inevitable as soon as the series laid out the type of sequel it was going to be. In the end, AO does fulfill its role as E7’s sequel, albeit not beautifully. The fact also made me realize that now, Renton and Eureka now lost two kids, the first one being Ao’s sister. i seriously thought they were together in an alternate timeline =v=. Interesting show, but not what I wanted from the sequel. I definitely see where you’re coming from. So many questions, resolved yet so much unresolved too. One of its manga, Eureka Seven: AO, was even adapted into an underwhelming anime that is not worth watching. Granted we have disagreed in the past, but I have to wonder what he saw that I missed. Ao was also fighting Truth. No original character in AO mattered in the end but Ao himself because of the retcanon gun. I won’t argue that character development is necessary; that much is a fact, and moreso if the series emphasizes the protagonist’s maturation. I think it could have been one of my all time favorite shows. Naru’s ending was another that needed more attention – her importance in the story was obvious from the beginning, but after a strong comeback in the final stretch she was largely forgotten in the last episode. I wanted to love this show, I really did. wait how old is ao now? Bones trying to dress up Doki Doki Okinawa politics as an Eureka SeveN and replacing sprites with Eureka references doesn’t make it a proper sequel. Naru and the universes Anti-bodies said about scub-coral being a parasite. Eureka Seven AO – 23-24 (END) Only one thing was certain about these last two eps of Eureka Seven AO – they were going to be controversial. Part of the problem I think was the length. I read on the wiki and even some transcript on tumblr about the 5 part episode and I never understood what happens to them. Isn’t that what the birds at the end stand for? So people aren’t allowed to have differing opinions? Yes, I agree it's very frustrating trying to sort it all out and I totally understand paradox isn't everyone's game..lol. Then later we see Renton and Eureka, who was pregnant with Ao, trying to destroy the scubs in the distant future so they don't travel to the past in the first place. I am not happy with this ending at all, this felt like a spinoff, more than a sequel. While all the story points were resolved it left space for a sequel, which is where its baby, Eureka Seven AO comes into the picture seven years later. I’m not surprised if a few had drop the show simply because it actually takes an incredible effort just to try to enjoy a story that they may not necessarily enjoy. IN THE END… this is what we get when writers or directors got too much splendid ideas and lesser understood(overly-cliche-time-travelling-is-still-too-complicated-for-us-21stcentury-monkees) concepts in their heads. When it comes to understanding the eerie series, there’s plenty of unfinished business to explore. Ao rejected this idea and went for the third option, which is changing the mechanism of the world. Both he and his father wanted to “end it” in their own words, but only Ao’s way would definitively do so in such a way as to protect both the world he was born into, and his parents. People hit on sadness and unfairness everyday. As to the world that’s created by the use of the gun, it’s clearly not ours – but a lot has changed, including the political landscape. Ao has become my second favorite character in the world; he’s so much more than just another mecha pilot. When their first child died, I think Eureka realized who Ao was and the fact that the scubs have traveled to Ao's timeline (the distant past of the planet that is parallel to the one in E7). Sure, there was an episode here and there that was really well done but nothing that was amazing. :S. If only I had a Quartz Gun to blast this show out of existence…. Quartz is basically the mechanism of the scubs that allow them to space travel. Naru has to die and 'become one with the Scub' or something along those lines to fix everything. This last episode especially shined light of how much more amazing it could have been. those who critisize the show will be told this is a show in its own right, those who liked it have no problems that its a good sequel. Ao also confessed that he likes the world where he was born in and would willingly save it no matter what the cost at the same time sending renton&eureka back on their time. I was like, “Aha! Awards to the writers! Beautifully written analysis and plot descriptions, exactly what I was looking after watching the final. I understand that this is E7:AO, and not E7, but there are things which every good story / show should have. And when a he has even the nerve to call that just as “whining because they didn’t get what they wanted”, it gets just far more ridiculous because he just ignore the rest of the things on the list that made this such a mess. I could not take Truth’s involvement in this matter seriously. Rather than dying Ao became a wanderer in time, as Eureka did, and it seems in the end he reverted back to “his” universe – though presumably now one that has forgotten he ever existed in it – and with the disappearance of Nirvash and Truth, it seems trapar is likely to disappear too, and Ao is coming back to a world without Scub and Secret. He’s had precious little in his life and yet he gave all that away when he felt it was right. I know a lot of this vitriol comes from it’s sequel, and perhaps the vitriol is warranted, but it never stopped my enjoyment of the series because of the opinions of others. In the same way the the now-infamous ME3 ending was bad not because it was not a happy ending, but because it invalidated the themes that the series had built up, and didn’t answer enough questions for a satisfying conclusion, so is AO’s ending also not a fitting conclusion to the previous series and the great potential that AO built up. In any case, the consequences of the original story on AO really do make all the difference; life is not “happily ever after”. The last shot fired at the Secrets, wonder what is Ao thinking, could his thoughts and feelings help shape the world his returns to in the end. BONES failed me, just like what they did with Darker Then Black season 2. Zerowu 6 years ago #1. I’ll say this though… This really was Ao’s story. Renton and Eureka fought to protect the Scub, but they paid a heavy price for it – and so did the universes they interacted with. However, I’m probably in the minority to think that the values in this series do not necessarily contradict with that of E7. This show did nothing right besides the animation and the music. http://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/13i24x/spoilers_eureka_seven_ao_final_episodes_23_24/c745cfo. As a standalone anime it would have interested me about as much as any other mecha anime of the year, which is not at all. From here it explains a lot. Required fields are marked *. Not including the guy that came up with the originals premise. It's like when a smartphone gets virus and malfunctions, you risk deleting the files if you want to clean out the virus, but if you restore your phone to an earlier point where the virus hasn't infiltrated, you get to keep the files. In the end it was an enjoyable ride. I’m really not sure what to say other than that, I understand why others don’t like it. The fact is no one knows the exact nature of scub corals, where they came from and what is the limit to their capabilities. For me AO will be ignored and treated as if it had never existed. Even with the new 5 part episode that game out this year. I think what I wish I could figure out most is what Enzo saw in this series that I didn’t. Ultimately a lot of what happened in Astral Ocean comes down to Eureka and Renton’s decision to have a child despite being told it was unwise and selfish to do so – and to have a second, despite the tragic way the story of Ao’s older sister ended. And yet a large part of what I remember and enjoy about the original Eureka 7 to this day was the satisfying and happy ending. With overgrown hair. If you happen to get the box set, don't miss the hilariously cute OVA where the two female pilots dress up Ao to … "At the end of the original, Renton and Eureka go with the scub to the new universe. I would have to disagree with you far more strongly on the second than I would on the first. Until somewhere about the halfway point when it became clear the writers had no idea where they were going with what they’d started. When Renton said he'd give up his humanity, he was saying he'd become part of the command cluster with Eureka, and when he said Eureka was giving up being a coralian, he was saying that she was rejecting her duty as a coralian to become the new cluster (because Dewey's self-destruct program would've been broadcast to all the corals if she did, effectively ending the Earth). That ending made the whole long journey worth it. By: Parturition. In AO, however, Renton and Eureka were so overcome with grief over their daughter's death and hysteria over their son's well-being that they totally disregarded everything they believed in about the Scub Coral and set out to destroy it in order to protect their son, Ao, and find some justice for their daughter, Amber. Life is full of unfortunate surprises. AO just accepted him so easily after killing fleur’s father and everything he’s done. How or why they arrived at one outcome as oppose to another is just something we need to accept. Its explained that Quartz respond to human emotions. A great example of this was the whole Renton x Eureka x Holland trio. Having it set at current time earth and have alot of it focus on a small insignificant island chains wish for independence when the original series spent 50 episodes building and expanding the world they lived in felt incredibly lazy on Bones part. Through Renton and Eureka's love the Nirvash became whole, became part human and part coralian. Such a massive disappointment. As a big fan of the original i will said it was good end but for E7 AO, for me E7 was one of the best anime in all these years; it pains me as a fan of the previous series that the creators put that world as a wasted land, and not to said what happen to the rest of characters, (aurice, Maeter, Linck, Dominic-Anemone…. The entire show sits on the premise that Eureka and Renton’s child cannot survive in trapar-heavy environment, which entails Eureka destroying her own kind. I agree, Ao. I remember the drama around Gurren Lagann. Everyone was absolutely necessary – Elena was a crucial character, even if she acted mostly as a misdirection in the end. There is no villain, or even right or wrong in this series, just different perspectives depending on where you stand. But I do think it’s kinda cheap to kill the child at this point in the game – and when I thought about how the story’s pacing and length was at fault, I start to get this idea that the child died less about the incompatibility of two different cells (a point that deeply bothers me) but more on the fact that Bones was simply incompetent. Of course, the scub corals wreaking havoc across different universes – even if it is unintended and much of it driven by the emerging secrets – is another incentive for Renton to destroy them. Wasted all the precious n short 24 episode timeslot that they did not even bother to explain or at least ‘tease’ us in what happen to all characters in the final alternative universe or even Eureka/Renton’s timeline. In the end, Eureka and Renton must part ways, but Renton vows that they will meet again someday, no matter what. And then there was the time travelling. He took matters into his own hands – literally – and chose to act without deferring to or waiting for the adults around him. what a total bullshit. But, whereas I could find sympathy for Renton and identify with his principles, I found it quite hard to like Ao, at least in his self-righteous moments. OK, I have a flurry of questions. i can’t help think that these arguments of legitemacy might have paralleled when star trek went into next generation from it’s original series. As others have said, I also wanted a happy ending. Ao only altered the time where Eureka disappeared. There aren’t enough episodes towards the end to properly examine and conclude their series. My fault for getting my hopes up since it was an appropriate ending to bat shit show. What I can’t stand is how he just disappeared at the end. I also think of that with E7, but…say how many years are between series? Would people be complaining so loudly if there weren’t surfing robots? Or, perhaps it just actually changes the world to what you want. . Erased the Secrets, now there are no more history of secrets blowing up corals… That was when Eureka first ended up in Ao's world, and was when she first met Ao. This, of course, is where his path finally diverges with Naru’s, and he turns on her and shoots her out of the sky (she’s rescued by Nitorin Rajkumar) before turning his sights on Ao. Errrrr, can’t think of a defence. He got stuck…, LOL, I dunno why he can’t exist in the future, though. In short, everything that was done in E7, and through out AO, in the end, it all went to zero. I’m glad you liked it, I certainly didn’t. I found it to be a good twist because it goes to show that things are never as predictable as we like to assume. Only one thing was certain about these last two eps of Eureka Seven AO – they were going to be controversial. Here are some of […] That’s just mean. Because of his failure, she had to take it upon herself to protect Ao's timeline and by doing so, she was stuck in time/space limbo. In a sense, it is the same problem I have had from the beginning. Although I debate that trapar has disapperaed completely, when Ao jumped out of Nirvash Neo at the final scene, his wave board was definitely surfing trapar and he was in really high altitude, I doubt he’ll jump out and ride the air and fall to his death. Thoughts on the time travel/alternate dimension ideas? But it seems the creators were too eager/enthuastic to flesh out their poorly-understood concepts in the beginning and gradually got confused in what kind of story-path they are supposed to concentrate. what’s with that? Isn’t that what any parent would want their child to be? User Info: LordEmbok. Even if that is prevented, the DoD is still shutting everything down. Or maybe it was actually Nirvash who was in limbo, and Ao simply jumped out to stay in the current time he was in. Using time travel as a plot device was even more challenging because it opens up cans of worms that is both hard and difficult. I mean they certainly took their time to do FMA:B correctly. Look at UN-GO, Gosick, Star Driver, Darker than Black S2, Xam’d. for what they had here it was well done i can say they riled me up and had me going. I think this show is a prime example of why we should leave classics alone. that’s what i thought too… but i suspect it’s my shipping goggles acting up :D. Anyway, before AO fired his gun the light indicator on Fleur’s mech turned purple. That is the best analogy to express my disappointment with Bones. In that sense it’s a happy ending for Ao, and one that’s richly deserved. The biggest difference that separates Ao from E7 is that it has a much more sinister take on racial-integration, revealing all the implications and limitations, which aren’t that far fetched if you consider how little we know about the scub corals. And since it declined to deliver a happy ending tied up with a pretty bow, I can only imagine the reaction is going to be tantamount to torches and pitchforks. Apparently not, otherwise they would’ve announced it. Totally unforgivable. My only critic is that there was a lot of political issues that steal scenes, specially in the last ep; insted of seeing those peoples that why not put more moments Renton-Ao or Fleur-AO. Another work ruined. Don't know what to think about that ending. Even if you do give Bones another 25 episodes, well, you would still likely be very confused by the end of it as in the case of Eureka Seven. 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