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ntu fail core module

You have three attempts to pass a Core or Elective module-end examination. Core Courses. Disconnection approach to synthesis. For all incoming undergraduates, CBC would have allocated you the core modules that you are required to take. Prerequisite: CM1021 or CM9001 or CY1101 or by permission. All students who transfer credits from another university must comply with 3. These include: Curricular requirements for your degree programme at NTU 1 & 2: CM2031 - Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry: 3 AU: Functional group transformations. It is a pass/fail module. The School educates some 1,500 NTU students each semester within our core and elective psychology modules, and we have about 500 undergraduate students and 40 graduate research students currently enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate psychology programmes. Alongside the above Core modules, experience what engineers actually do through two discipline-specific Engineering Principles and Practice modules ~ (4 MCs each). The ASP.NET Core Module is a native IIS module that plugs into the IIS pipeline to either: Host an ASP.NET Core app inside of the IIS worker process (w3wp.exe), called the in-process hosting model.Forward web requests to a backend ASP.NET Core app running the Kestrel server, called the out-of-process hosting model. Hi guys, Year 2 Sem 1 seems to pass faster as compared to the past two semesters (maybe because I only had 3 core modules?). Also, in my uni for example if that module you failed was not a core/compulsory and you still got 40% overall then a retake is not necessary. So I'm wondering if I really fail this mod, then will I be able to tabao for next sem (Y2S1) and do the Y2S1 mods concurrently? ... (CEIT) to NTU students of all disciplines, but it is most popular among Accountancy and Business students. If you failed a module-end examination, you may have the choice of writing the examination only or repeating the module and examination for your next attempt. If you fail a core mod, if I recall correctly it won't be counted in your grades (hence this is why people daobao mods in year 1). Anyway, you will have to retake it next sem or next year if its offered in sem 1 … Thus, I did not had much problems with choosing my modules for the very first semester I had in NTU. You can also choose to appeal the unsuccessful mark. The module will cover contemporary psychological theories of health and illness from a number of perspectives, and will draw upon research that has used a variety of methodological approaches. Synthesis and reactivity of polyfunctional organic molecules, heteroaromatic compounds, free radical reactions, pericyclic reactions, stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms. ... Nanyang Technological University 2016. Students can start reading the minor courses after the first semester of the freshmen year. This module will introduce students to some of the core areas within the field, exploring key concepts used in the study of both healthy and ill populations. What happens if you then go on to fail a core module again after resitting it 0. reply. It will also be reflected in your transcript as Pass/Fail. However as far as I know retakes are mandatory for core modules. Do some googling about this if you want more information. Your exchange will NOT affect your CGPA or the classification of your NTU degree. (6) Graduation and Residential Requirements. The only thing I felt I should had done was to register an elective so I could took 6 modules instead of 5. I have a core module which I am not confident will get a pass (it is graded, 4AU). From your very first semester, you are guided to discover for yourself how things work and fail, and how they are designed and made. ; Supported Windows versions: Also, it seems this module is a prerequisite for ALL my Year 2 modules. mined by the board of examiners, on the module-end examination. Experiential Learning Modules. Biological Sciences Year 2, Semester 1.

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