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westies needing a good home

Reggie the puppies father is a small toy 10 inch poodle wh Jack Russell New Romney. Apricot needs a home where she can become a happy girl who learns about gentle hands and kind loving hearts. He is good with some dogs but will need more socialising. Breed: Meshka is a very gentle soul, who sadly has had some trauma to her knees which causes her to plod along very slowly as if she is 19years old. He doesn’t like being left in the kennel so he needs someone home most of the day who can give him the time and attention he deserves. Koko’s previous owner passed away and other family members sadly didn’t want him. Avocado might be an older boy but he has the biggest heart that he wants to share with you. Male 8yrs They are very energetic and love to play and run but are very wary of having a harness/collar on and walking on a lead so would be better suited to someone with a very big garden or bit of land where they can run securely while they have ongoing lead training. Gender/Age: DONATIONSCAN BE LEFT ON THE BENCH OUTSIDE THE ENTRANCEBETWEEN 8:30AM - 4:30PMFOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. Colour: Bodin needs a very experienced adult only home with knowledge of the breed and with limited visitors as he needs very slow introduction to new people. New Romney. She walks very well on the lead plodding along at her own pace enjoying the smells but can only do a few very short walks a day so would need someone who is home most of the day to help her with her needs. Male 8yrs Your search will automatically be generated further down the page. He is now safe from harm and looking for a loving home ... Annalize is blind but doing well in foster but she needs a very special and understanding home. Colour: Breed: She will need a loving experienced home with someone to help her overcome her nervousness. Enquiries only via completing online homing questionnaire Our dogs are ready NOW we work fast so don’t apply if your garden isn’t secure! If I don't have a really good run I can get frustrated and cranky and unfortunately can take it out on whoever is nearest to me. Malamute I have a very loving cheeky side but I need routine, structure, exercise and an experienced person who knows how to deal with me. Gender/Age: Gender/Age: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Clarisse has come back to us as her owner has sadly passed away. First of all, I am ENERGETIC! Special Homes Needed Click the link to see our dogs who all need special homes. If you would like to help us mend some broken hearts and see whose have benefitted from this fund, Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Bichon Frise) Cross Shih Tzu. We take in many dogs each year in need of eye operations to give them the Gift of Sight. The Lost Dogs’ Home has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. Breed: I am 6 years of age, and am looking for a new home due to the ill health of a family member. For dogs we know will thrive straight away in their new home, we’re matching them with their new homes virtually and delivering them contact-free. Search. We really would like to see Monty go out to an adult home with no other animals. Find your perfect pet with Mayhew and adopt today. American Bulldog This means it might take a little longer for us to find you a new pet. Look at pictures of Westie, West Highland White Terrier puppies who need a home. PLEASE NOTE MANY TEARS IS CURRENTLYNOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. He is a big, lovely chunk looking for his forever home. Colour: Charlie needs an experienced adult only home with no children or visiting children. Gucci does have Cushing's disease and so we at Last Chance are managing this, but she will need regular check ups to ensure she is doing well. They must be homed together and we are looking for someone who has previous experience with nervous and anxious dogs. If you think you could offer Forest the right home please contact New Romney on 01797 366620 for more detailed information. We ask for a fair adoption donation to … 4 days ago. If you know the name of the dog you are looking for then type the name into the 'Dog Name' box. Tri colour Why buy a Westie, West Highland White Terrier puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Feb 27, 2012 - Explore Dana Young's board "Westie X Poodle Mixes Needing Homes", followed by 163 people on Pinterest. Gender/Age: He is a bundle of energy and is always on the go. Once he knows and trusts you he is a very loving and loyal boy who just needs someone to give him a chance. Breed: With time, love and patience Chive will blosoom and flourish. < Rocky. Each Westie in care or a rescue service will have a story. Babs is a big puppy. Westie Rescue UK was founded by Kevin Baker and his partner Nikki on 20th November 2016. Coll has been saved from a tough life on the streets where he was found in a terrible way. Brindle Male 8yrs Gender/Age: Tiny is a very special and lovely girl looking for the perfect home where she is loved forever. Rehomed. Colour: Daisy is a from a loving home, but sadly is looking for a new foster or, even better, a furever home. Location: He is full of life and needs lots of exercise and would probably be best homed to someone who has experience of the breed. He is a very happy chap and loves belly rubs, often dropping to the floor and showing you his belly. Location: Flo would need a a adult only experienced home with someone who can show her love and trust. male, 2 yrs She is sadly very overweight and this is not helping with her knees. He can be an only dog or live with confident female dogs, Adina will need a quiet, calm, adult only home with someone with experience of scared dogs, Isabella is a nervous girl who is looking for a home with a larger, playful, male dog, Despite his start in life Jango is the most lovely, happy and comical boy. As you can see Forest is quite the character but comes with some challenging behaviour that will require a lot of hard work, time, patience and experience. Pomeranians Female 10mths Sidney. Edenbridge. She loves cuddles and laying on you for attention, she thinks she’s a lap dog and she has no Idea how big she is. Cobi would need to go to someone who has experience dealing with JRT as Cobi needs a special person who can give him the time and patience he requires. He loves company and a fuss but very much on his own terms. Otis is a very happy chap, he loves to be around people. Jack Russell Welcome to Westies In Need Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Had for 4 years and been great pet. Use the Contact Us form to send us a message, letting us know where the dog is at New Romney or Edenbridge. New Romney. In the home he is like a big puppy and will follow you everywhere once he knows you. She loves wondering around and going for walks, but must be kept on lead as she has no recall and will just do whatever she pleases. Woof! This may mean that you won't see as many dogs needing homes but continue to check back as we’ll review this as restrictions change. She is sadly not good with dogs. Monty loves to be around people and is really quite affectionate. He’s a very loving dog who has so much love to offer. Dogs featured on our pages are predominately stray and abandonded dogs, or let go by their owners for whatever reason. Bo was mistreated in the past which has made him wary and nervous of strangers which can often result in him reacting aggressively so he MUST go to a home that has previous experience of unpredictable dogs who can be aggressive and snappy and who will be able to give him lots of time and space to settle at his own pace. Location: She is strong on the lead when she wants to be so will need some training. Gender/Age: female 10-11years Adopt one of our wonderful Westies. Their dogs can be rehomed nationwide for the right home. Tito is a very energetic, loving boy who is looking for his forever home where he can be given time and space to settle at his own pace. Mastiff x He needs a very active home with someone around all of the time as he doesn’t like to he left alone. Although an older boy Copy is very active and has a lot of energy! Grey and white Tyga also hates being cold and enjoys having warm baths. Tan and Black tan He also enjoys going out for long walks, so looking for an active home, we do advise to muzzle Ollie in public due to being an ex racer. Female, 12 years When you find a pet, you think is a good match, you can immediately start a rehoming application by clicking on 'Rehome me' The rehoming centre will review all applications on a first-come, first-served basis New Romney. Boxer x He will need a very experienced one to one, adult only home, with someone with the time and dedication that he deserves! Buster is a high energy dog and finds kennel life quite stressful so we would love to see him in a home, preferably in a one to one situation with someone who is experienced with the breed. Colour: Location: chocolate Stan is definitely going to a man you want in your life! Max was rescued from Wales and he came into us very underweight. He loves to play ball which is good as he has a lot of energy. Edenbridge. Gender/Age: Please contact us for more details. White and tan male, 6years Can live with other dogs. Brindle Pure bred, kennel club 11yo Westie named Amy free to a good home. Monty is a such a handsome young man who would love to go to a nice new home. He is slowly putting on the weight and starting to feel a lot better. Glitter needs an adult only home with owners who have the time and patience to show her she is finally safe and loved. Most will be adult dogs. Colour: If you would like to make a donation and see some of the dogs who have benefitted from this CLICK HERE. Gender/Age: Breed: Edenbridge. You may call me but I have far too many sniffs to explore or things to chase to take any notice so I will need a really secure area where I can run and run and then run some more! Sadly Milo has has been severely neglected, he’s is a sack of bones at the moment so he is currently on extra feeds to try and get to the perfect weight he should be. He appears to be good with dogs but would benefit from more socialising, Gender/Age: Male 3yrs It seems that Flo is deaf as she doesn't respond to any noises or her name. Dogs free to good home UK. Any potential adopter must be prepared to make several visits to the centre to gain Bo's trust. Coco is a very friendly girl. You can search for more than one dog by typing each name separated by spaces. Gender/Age: We are ideally looking for someone with experience of lurchers and who has time to help Tito feel safe and settled in his new home, preferably one person on their own as he doesn't like to share his human! Come forwards for one & you are a life saver! She is an older girl but her age doesn’t stop her, and she is still very energetic so will still need an active home. Gender/Age: Edenbridge. Please call the New Romney branch on 01797 366620 for more information about this lovely lad. Edenbridge - 01732 865530New Romney - 01797 366620. Once she knows you she is very friendly but only wants fuss on her own terms. Colour: You can search for dogs by selecting one or more of the criteria below. Lovely with people and very loving, loves walks and very playful for an older dog. Frenchie x staff lurcher Colour: Colour: Gender/Age: Breed: Location: Breed: She has a lot of love to give and doesn’t like to be left so will need someone in all the time. I am described as “a sweet-natured dog”, who loves his busy family home and visits from grandchildren and other family dogs. Manny and Bimbi are also very reactive and very very vocal when they meet new people (especially Manny) so would benefit from further socialisation around new people. Breed: male and female, 3yrs & 2.5yrs Bo is a very lively and energetic young boy who is looking for an adult only home. Tito has had a difficult start in life after being found as a stray and it's possible he was mistreated at some point as he can be very reactive around fast movements which tend to startle him easily. New Romney. Please call to find out more information about this little character. Dogs under one year of age are classed as puppies. Colour: Colour: Male 6yrs Meet the dogs . Scottie/Carne X Greyhound She loves to play and goes crazy for every toy she has especially bouncy balls. She can live with cats. In time Shadrack will start to learn that hands can be gentle and kind but this is going to take owners with plenty of time, love and patience. We are happy to get her fostered or adopted, so if interested please do ring us on 01797 366620 to discuss. Edenbridge. Location: Edenbridge. Schnauzer x Buster can sometimes exhibit compulsive behaviour as a stress response i.e circling if he is frightened but we have been working with him at the centre and have found he can be distracted by a treat or squeaky ball. She will need to attend training classes and be socialised more with other dogs as she gets very excited when she meets them. Male 10years Terriers are delightful, rewarding & so needing your help! As a result, your Westie may pursue unexpected escapes and become mischievous, withdrawn or even physically ill. tan and white Black/Tan This could be because they are old, have medical conditions, or have just been waiting a long time. See the latest puppies for adoption on dogsblog.com. New Romney. These dogs and puppies are looking for loving forever homes. Gender/Age: Clarisse is good with little dogs but could do with more socialising. He is bouncy and full of life and could easily be an only dog. Colour: Grey apricot The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for all of the websites run by The Lost Dogs’ Home. Female, 4years Gender/Age: Edenbridge. He can be good with other dogs but can be quite dominant, especially over food and toys so may be better suited as the only animal in the home and he also has a high prey drive so will chase cats. Tamsin needs to learn she has nothing to fear and that her adopters are going to show her what love and kindness are all about. Max does get food possessive due to him being starved so will need a strict adult home and a lovely caring owner. Breed: Colour: Staffie X We are looking for a quiet, adult only home where she can enjoy the rest of her retirement. Click on an image for an image gallery of all images, Gender/Age: Current restrictions mean we can only facilitate adoptions local to our centres and not across Countries or anywhere there are travel restrictions. Colour: Breed: male, 4yrs Location: Apple could live with children who are at least senior school age who are used to being around dogs as he is very full on. Colour: Blossom is a fully DNA tested west highland terrier who has the most gentle nature, very much a lap dog, very good around the children and does not have any skin issues what do ever. Spruce needs an active home with an owner who’s able to give him plenty of walks and the stimulation that he needs. If you have a place in your heart for this big lovably pup then please give us a call! Jack Russell x Once she trusts you she is very friendly and will seek affection, ear tickles are her favourite! Colour: Coffee & cream Edenbridge. Featured Dogs. He would benefit from socialising classes and more socialising with other dogs. Gentle giant Ollie is a shy boy and it takes him a while to come out his shell but once he does he’s super lovely and adores a fuss. My partner and I are looking to take in a westie this year. If you live in New York City and are hoping to adopt from us, check out the dogs available at our Adoption Center. Location: Login / Register. Buster is a cheeky chappy who is looking for a loving patient home to call his own. Gender/Age: Alfie is a very lively lad, who can be a little unpredictable. Please read my write up very carefully as I am looking for a very experienced special adult only home. Breed: The majority of requests that we get are for one that is young, healthy and sociable and good with children/cats/other dogs, is well behaved and friendly, not yappy, and can be left all day while the family is out at work/school without tearing your house to shreds. Asparagus will need a home with another dog of a similar size of larger to show her all about living with people. Sprocker Breed: Gender/Age: Can live with children. Flo is a sweet girl who has very clearly had a traumatic experience some time in her life. She loves attention and will drop and roll over for belly rubs no matter where she is. Westies For Adoption. Here are the most recently added older dogs available to adopt now. White Colour: Can be left alone. Hello and welcome to DogWatch UK, we hope you will enjoy reading the profiles of our super dogs, all needing a loving home. Westie ReHoming, like most other rescues, rarely has ‘the perfect dog’. ADOPTED. Our principal aim is to ensure that our rescued Westies are found permanent homes in order to avoid, as best as possible, future trauma and disruption. Location: Edenbridge. Rehome a dog from a wide range of breeds. Male 3-4yrs Tyga is a powerful boy but he is a big baby at heart who wants to be with someone all the time. She is good with other dogs, but is very dominant and so if living with another dog, they must be submissive or accepting of her. Staff x cavalier In the beginning, the rescue consisted of just Kevin and Nikki, fostering in their own home and it was funded solely from their personal savings. Anyone looking to adopt from Westie ReHoming will be subject to a home inspection to ascertain the suitability of the environment they wish to introduce a … Colour: She loves to be around people and loves attention. White & Brown When he knows you he can be very affectionate and loves to sit on your head looking out the window. Location: Patterdale x He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and loves a fuss. Klip Klop is a lovely Shih Tzu who is missing part of his ear but needs lots of love and cuddles, Kilo was born with only one good eye and needs lots of time and cuddles. Akita x 1 - 24 of 345 ads. Check it out! Category: 6 Years + (Older Dogs for Adoption) Adopt an older dog. Edenbridge. She will need a experienced owner who is very patient who can work with her to get her use to wearing and walking on the lead. So is best left alone when he goes into his scared state, this usually occurs when he hears loud bangs. Anyone interested in adopting this sweet pair will need to make several visits to the centre over a period of time to build up their trust and establish a relationship with them before they will be ready for adoption.

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